5/AL27 Index to AL Wills 1808-1870 $33.50

15/AL0026Land Claims in AL 1828 from Jackson to Mobile Cos. Contains Alabama land claims made by the Spanish during 1828 or by the British in the latter part of the 1700s. Surnames: Abbadie, Acre, Alvarez, Antuniz, Baby, Badon, Balistrier, Barnard, Barnett, Barton, Baudain, Baudin, Bilbo, Boisdoree, Bontru, Bouge, Bozage, Bruen, Chantalon, Chastang, Cogett, Colin, Collel, Collell, Collins, Cook, Crawford, Crispo, Cudilac, Dameron, Darteguiette, De Abbadie, De Acosta, De Apremont, De Arroyo, De Boisdoree, De Bonville, De Carondelet, De Eslava, De Galves, De Hevia, De La Sampaye, De La Sousage, De La Lande, De Lanzos, De Lemos, De Lusser, De Orsono, De Orsorno, De Salazar, Degoutin, De Lorme, Demony, Demouy, Detress, Deville, Chabalin, Dinsmore, Diron, Dolives, Dowell, Dubroca, Duffil Dunwoody, Du Pont, Durand, Durant, Durett, Durette, Embry, Eslava, Espajo, Fabre, Faurot, Favre, Feres, Fisher, Fleming, Folch, Forbes, Frazer, French, Gannard, Gogee, Graham, Greenwood, Grimarest, Hazard, Herpin, Hobart, Houze, Inerarity, Johnston, Judson, Kelerick, Kennedy, Keyton, La Fon, La Lande, Larendine, Laurendine, Lecat, Lewis, Linder, Luser, Lusser, Lyon, Mangula, Maxent, Maximilian, Mazurie, Mendieta, Miligar, Mims, Miro, Mitchell, Montlima, Morales, Moreau, Motters, Muro, McBay, McCandless, McCurtin, McDonald, Nicholas, Olivier, Ordonez, Owen, Page, Paille, Parent, Pechon, Peres, Pintado, Pollard, Price, Richardson, Roberts, Robertson, Rockemore, Rush, St. Maxent, Saleedo, Salmon, Shaw, Stickney, Surtell, Terry, Townsley, Trenia, Trenin, Tucker, Turner, Weckly, Wilkinson, Wilson $9.50

15/AL0027 Land Grants Made to French Emigrants in AL 1827 $11.00

5/AL29 Old Cahaba Land Office Records & Military Warrants 1817-53 The section, township & range is liste for each entry residents of Autauga, Barbour, Bibb, Butler, Coffee, Conecuh, Covington, Crenshaw, Dale, Dallas, Escambia, Geneva, Greene, Houston, Lowndes, Marengo, Monroe, Montgomery, Perry, Pike, Shelby & Wilcox Cos. $36.00

3/K147 MISCELLANEOUS ALABAMA NEWSPAPER ABSTRACTS: Vol. 1 Michael Kelsey, Nancy Graff Floyd, Ginny Guinn Parsons The abstracts consist of marriage, death, legal and slave notices, advertisements, and a great number of names in lists of letters unclaimed in the local post office. Abstracts from central Alabama newspapers published from 1823-1969 in the counties of Dallas, Green, and Taladega. However, the information is not limited to central Alabama and includes the counties of Perry, Augusta, Wilcox, Bibb, Sumter, Montgomery, Shelby and Tuscaloosa. $25.00

3/K151 Miscellaneous Alabama Newspaper Abstracts, Volume 2 Michael Kelsey, Nancy Graff Floyd, Ginny Guinn Parsons. This book contains abstracts from central Alabama newspapers published between 1821 and 1877. The newspapers abstracted are Cahawba Press and Alabama State Intelligencer, Alabama Journal, South Western Baptist, Our Mountain Home and The Southern Plantation. The lists of letters left unclaimed mention the post offices of towns such as Selma, Centreville, Old Town, Marion (Perry County), Cahawba, Perry Court House, Portland, Sparta (Conecuh County), and Canton. $34.50

3/P212 Pioneers and Residents of West Central Alabama Madge Pettit. Genealogical data on about 1000 families who lived in the hill country of west central Alabama prior to the Civil War. Most came from Virginia and the Carolinas. Assembled from cemetery records, newspaper files, submissions by descendants, military & pension files, and census records. $35.00

Barber Co.

5/AL23 BARBOR CO., AL. Rural Land Owners by Marie H. Godrey In 1851 AB Herbert, Register, made maps of every township in Barbour Co, showing ownership of each parcel of rural land. These maps were marked correct up to March 1, 1851. Names of the land owners were abstracted from the maps with the descriptions of land by section, township and range. All records are for Barbour Co unless specified. About 1866, parts of Barbour Co. Were but into Russell and Bullock Counties. The purpose this book is to make available as much documented information as possible concerning these land owner - names, dates, places of birth and death, names of spouses, names of parents and former places of residence. Approximate dates and places of birth as well as year of arrival in Al are from the 1850 census of Barbour Co. Unless a different referenceis given. $21.00

5/AL10BARBOR CO., AL. EARLY SETTLERS OF vols. 1 &2 Marie H. Godfrey The families discussed in this book were selected by the author because they were living in the area when Barbour Co. Was formed in 1832 from parts of Pike and Henry Co. And from Creek Indian Lands. They are: Adams, Ball, Beasley, Beauchamp, Bennett, Bizzell, Boswell, Bradley, Breland, Brown, Burch, Bush, Byrd, Cadenhead, Campbell, Childs, Cole, Cox, Creech, Crews, Dansby, Deshazo, Eades, Efurd, Faulk, Fenn, Floyd, Gillis, Griggs, Grubbs, Harod, Hartzog, Harwell, Head, Henderson, Hell, Hix, Hobdy, Hood, Jackson, Jernigan, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Lee, Lewis, McEachern, McGilray, McInnis, McKinzie, McLeod, McLean, McRae, McSwean, Mann, Minshew, Nix, Norton, Parmer, Payne, Peterson, Pitts, Pruett, Pugh, Purifoy, Pynes, Richards, Shipman, Siler, Sutton, Swilley, Thomas, Utsey, Ventress, Walker, Ward, Warren, Watson, Williamson, Williams, Willis, Windham, Winslett, Wise, Wood, Zorn. $36.00

5/AL20 MARRIAGE RECORDS, Barbour Co., Al. 1838-1859 Helen Foley Contains approximately 2200 marriages and approximately 6000 names, including bride and groom, officiating minister and oftentimes the names of the persons home where the marriage took place. $21.00

5/AL5 BARBOUR CO., AL. ABSTRACTS OF WILLS AND ESTATES, O.C.R. Books 5-6, 1852-1856, Vol. 3 Helen S. Foley $18.00

Clarke Co.

5/AL24 HISTORY OF CLARKE COUNTY, AL. John Simpson Graham Pub. 1923, reprinted 1994 This history is similar to most county histories done in this time period in that it covers all the usual topics such as education, newspapers, population, Indian Skirmishes, mineral wealth, schools and community leaders. It is especially rich in biographical sketches and has various lists of soldiers including the war records of many men living in the community who had served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Many detailed genealogies of many of the early pioneer families of the county such as: Adams, Anderson, Ball, Barnes, Bledsoe, Bolen, Boroughs, Boyles, Caller, Carlton, Chapman, Davis, Frazier, Garrett, Gillis, Graham, Grant, Gross, Hicks, Jones, Johnson, Kimbell, Kimbrough, Langford, Mathews, McDuffie, McGowan, McLeod, Murphy, Newman, Nichols, Pugh, Rivers, Savage, Stewart, Taylor, Tucker, Wilson, Wing and the mention of vast numbers of other pioneers. $36.00

Conecuh Co.

5/AL23 HISTORY OF CONECUH CO., AL. Benjmin Franklin Riley Pub. 1881, Reprint 1994 Begins with earliest times and settlers , the Creek Indians. The early settlement of Conecuh by the white in 1815 at a place called Bellville. Early in 1817 more people moved in from N.C. and Chester District. S.C. Great difficulty befell those early emigrants especially in 1816 as they tried to obtain food from long distances, with their lives always endangered through perilous travels in Indian Territory. The author gives a biography of early families: Amos, Ashley, Autrey, Bell, Bolling, Burnett, Cary, Crosby, Cosley, Cunningham, Donald, Ethridge, Forbes, Gray, Greene, Groce, Hawthorne, Hunter, Jay, Jernigan, Jones, King, Lee, Martin, McCreary, Morrow, Oliver, Perryman, Rabb, Sampey, Shaw, Simpson, Stallworth, Stearns, Straughn, Travis, Warren, Watkins. Other surnames mentioned throughout the book: Allen, Betts, Bowles, Boykin, Brantly, Burson, Cook, Copsey, Dean, Farnham, Feagin, Folks, Halstead, Hart, Hodge, Horton, Johnston, Keyser, Manning, McCaskill, Meeks, Mendenhall, Robinson, Roebuck, Slaughter, Starke, Turk, Walls, and many others. $29.50

Greene Co.

3/W319 CEMETERY RECORDS OF GREENE CO., AL. AND RELATED AREAS O'Levia Neil Wiese This works contains complete as well as incomplete records of 47 cemeteries in Greene Co. In the past some of these cemeteries were located in several sur- rounding counties which were once Greene Co. Also, 5 of the cemeteries are located across the state line in Mississippi. This book has been placed on the Out of Print list - I ordered everyone that was available at the time and I now only have 1 left. $26.00

Morgan Co.

Morgan/Cemetery Records Morgan County Cemeteries I & II $50.00
Morgan/Orphans Court Register 1, Cotaco Co., Al. (Now Morgan Co.), 1818-1873 $20.00
Morgan Co./Tidbits 1 $25.00
Morgan/Tidbit 2 $25.00
Morgan/Marriages(1818-1896) $30.00
Morgan/Ten Years of Marriages 1896-1906 $15.00

Pickens Co.

5/AL25 HISTORY OF PICKENS CO., AL. From it's First Settlements in 1817-1856 Nelson F. Smith Pub. 1856, reprinted 1994 The early settlers, most of whom were from the upper districts of S.C., are discussed under the topics of living conditions, crops, mills, election precincts, the villages of the county, & county officers. Of particular interests are biographical sketches of judges, county clerks, sheriffs, commissioners, circuit court clerks and representatives of the Legislature. $29.50

Pike Co.

5/AL31 Pike Co Newspaper abstracts 1855-1861 $36.00

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