Morgan County, Al.
Bethlehem Baptist Church

If you have any cemetery listings of your ancestors in Morgan County you would like to share; please email me Please give the names and dates and name of cemetery. If you know the directions to the cemetery please give it if it is not already listed. Be sure to include Highways, mileage, and county road numbers or names . Please be sure to list the subject area "Morgan County" so I will not overlook it by mistake. Thank you.

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This information was compiled, November 15,1998. Directions: Located on Hwy 36 East of Hartselle just 1.5 miles from the I-65 overpass

BLEVINS, Roger Dale b. 8/22/1951 d. 8/22/1951
BLEVINS, Jesse E. b. 3/25/1930 d. 5/5/1973
BLEVINS, Sam P. b.6/24/1889 d. 7/13/1967
BLEVINS, Ruth Lois b. 1/12/1896 d. 1/4/1964
BLEVINS, Johnnie Paul b. 9/9/1926 d. 7/26/1996
BRITT, Louis T. b. 12/17/1908 d. 5/25/1998
BLEVINS, Bennie H.A. b. 12/12/1919 d. 4/16/1977 (Corporal US Army WWII)
BLEVINS, Randall Hugh b. 12/8/1940 d. 2/25/1995
COBB, Mary Frances 25 November 1853 - 9 November 1928
COBB, Rev.William Tandy 25 July 1851- 10 February 1928
MARTIN, H. Ray b. 1914 d. 1992
MARTIN, Madgie A. b. 1915 d. 1994
DUTTON, Ralph Charlie b. 2/22/1914 d. 4/12/1993 (S1 US Navy WWII)
HALBROOKS, Betty G. b. 1933 d. 1992
GARRISON, Bobby b. 8/21/1944 d/ 11/18/1997

DUTTON, Mildred Jane b. 03/22/1921 d. 4/17/2000

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