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Thank you Paula Hurst for submitting this cemetery.

From Hartselle, take Hwy 36 East to Talucah Road. Turn left, go approx 3
1/2 miles to a gravel road to the right (Draper Rd). Turn right, go
about 1/2 to one mile to a small road that turns into woods on right
side of the road. Open the gate and go through the woods approx 1000'
to a cleared out place and you will see the cemetery. It is in poor
condition in a cow pasture. These are a few of the people there. There
aren't many.
BOWLES, T. F. 2/4/1858-10/25/1909
CROWDER, Maurice Maynard 8/6/1881-4/21/1937
CROWDER, John Bunyan 12/22/1856-12/6/1924
CROWDER, Elliott L. 3/4/1884-10/14/1885
DRAPER, Lucinda "Grandmother" 1820-1887
DRAPER, Lois "Aunt" 7/10/1876-11/6/1931
DRAPER, Lizzie P. 1848-1930 "Mother"
This was Elizabeth P. Hardage, dtr of William C. and Malinda Howard
Hardage of Talucah, Alabama.
DRAPER, David Q. 1825-1894 "Father"
DRAPER, James D. 1884-1940 "Brother"
DRAPER, Harrison 1882-1914 "Brother"
GILMORE, Mrs. A.W. 5/10/1817-1/28/1893
MORROW, Hugh 1906-1964 TERRY, John Turner 8/31/1836-5/19/1899
Hand carved on stone leaning against a tree: M. D. 4/24/1871

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