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Morrow 2 Cemetery

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Location: From Hartselle, take Hwy. 36 east to Hwy. 67. Turn right, go past Brewer School to Pines Road. Turn left on Pines Road and go approximately four miles. Turn to the left on a gravel road that goes up the Morrow Mountain and go about 1 1/4 miles. Cemetery is on the left of the road. T7S R1W S22 Copied 3 Nov 1981 by Ivydene S. Walls, Marilyn Sue Marine and Leonard Slate. (From Morgan Co, AL Cemeteries, Vol I by Ivydene S. Walls and Marilyn Sue Short Marine Submitted by Marilyn S. Marine)

Mary Emily Watson born 22 Sept 1841 died 3 April 1922 footstone: M. E. W.
James W. Watson born 8 Nov 1851 died 6 Jan 1899
Mary A. Watson born 16 Feb 1825 died 19 Sept 1903 footstone: M. A. W. (Note: Mary Ann Flack)
Moses C. Watson born 13 Oct 1821 died 20 Aug 1904 (Note: Moses Cearney Watson)
T. C. Maples born 5 May 1852 died 22 July 1892 wife of Dr. J. H. Maples (Note: Telitha Cumi Maples)
Dr. J. H. Maples born 18 Feb 1848 died 1 June 1925 (Note: John H. Maples)
Charles L. Barker, Jr. born 1 July 1918 died 29 Aug 1970
Lori Dee Barker born 7 Sept 1963 died 9 Sept 1963
Fred E. Schulte born 26 March 1893 died 3 Nov 1969
Mack Watson born 1911 died 1939
Homer Watson born 1905 died 1930
Birdie Mae Watson born 1884 died 1955; Will Watson born 1871 died 1930 on same stone
Homer Odas Morrow born 18 July 1902 died 21 July 1927
Virginia Goodson born 16 March 1916 died 18 March 1916
James M. Morrow, Jr. born 6 Oct 1916 died __ Oct 1916 son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Morrow
James M. Morrow born 6 Oct 1870 died _________; Cordie D. Morrow born 28 Nov 1879 died 8 July 1952 (on same stone)
Rufus B. Stallings born 9 Feb 1923 died 13 Oct 1950 Alabama Cpl 1035 Air Mat Sq AAR World War II
Vanessa A. Johnson born 16 July 1954 died 16 July 1954
Jack Stallings born 29 Dec 1947 died 19 Oct 1968
Earler M. Morrow born 12 May 1900 died 29 May 1976 Mother
William Oscar Morrow born 4 Jan 1905 died 18 Nov 1970
Approximately twelve graves marked with fieldstone without names or dates.
The following two graves were copied in 1976 but were missing on the date we were there:
Verbon Ray Watson died 7 June 1938 aged 2 yr 1 mo 2 da (Note: Funeral Home Marker)
Rufus Jack Hunter died 21 Oct 1969 (Note: Funeral Home Marker

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