Morgan County, Al.
Poteet or Mulligan Cemetery

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About 1/2 mile east of Neel, at the top of the hill on the north side of the Iron Man road. This cemetery is on the Alvin Childress farm. It has been known as the "Poteet" or "Mulligan" cemetery. This cemetery is maintained by Kenneth and Randall Roberts. Most of the graves are unmarked.

Sarah Elizabeth Roberts   10/1/1854--2/1/1884 ( Family lore says she never married--but she was, to Wiliam Carroll Roberts--Her first cousin. The unmarked child's grave next to hers is probably their child. No records are known.)

Mahaley K. Roberts 7/3/1832--6/29/1884 ( Mahley (Mahlia) was the daughter of James Wilson and Elizabeth (Anderson) Copeland, sister of Nancy and Elizabeth Copeland, who married the Sparkman brothers, Lewis and Bryant Jr)
William C. Roberts 11/5/1832--2/26/1916 ( son of William C. and Sarah (Walling) Roberts-Served with Co K. 7th Ala Cav, captured by"yankees" 12/24/1863 at Dandridge Tn. Wounded at Readyville Tn in early 1863.
Finished the war at Rock Island Prison, Il. It is alledged that he was the son of Sallie Humphries, no record exists to support this.)

Jasper Petway Roberts 10/6/1858--1/31/1882 ( Jasper was the husband of Ellen W. (Vest) Roberts. Jasper died while Ellen was with child, he never saw his son)
Mary Jane Roberts __/5/1840--__/__/1896 (Mary Jane (Poteet) Roberts was the second wife of William C. Roberts)
There are four children's graves near these graves. One is believed to be Sarah (Sally) Roberts 10/28/1886--7/26/1891 And Eugie (Eugene?), children of James Copeland and Marha Ann (Vest) Roberts. The other children's graves could possibly be children of William Swindle and Elizabeth (Stephenson) Roberts. It is said that there are members of the Woodall, Mulligan and other families there.

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