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Holly Creek Cemetery

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This is the cemetery that was once located on land owned by John Steve Chandler, and was referred to as the John Steve Chandler Cemetery. It is located about a half mile off Green Plains Road, by a very rough road.
Ben Chandler, unmarked
David Moore, unmarked
Narcissa Moore, unmarked
Babe Young, d. 3-5-1886
J. D. Young, d. 1/3/1884
M. A. Young, d. 7-19-1886
M. R. Young, d. 9/2/1881

Here is info that I have on these people:

Ben Chandler, son of John Steve Chandler and Francis Tollett
b. 11-30-1889 in Howard Co., ARK
d. 10-8-1930 in Howard Co., ARK
married to Jennie Shelton (dtr of Elijah Shelton and Martha Stokes)
** Martha Stokes was the eldest dtr of James H. Stokes/Mary Jane Helms

David Moore, information unknown
married in 1858, Pike Co., ARK
Narcissa Chandler, b. 1830 in Georgia
(Dtr. of Joel Chandler and Ritta Bonds)

As for the Youngs: here are my thoughts -

J.D. Young, could be James Young
married in 1834 to Mary Ann Stokes (1813-1872)
(*older sister to our James H. Stokes)

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