Howard County:

Shiloh Cemetery
Feb. 1999

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From intersection of Hwy #84 and Hwy #4 in Umpire, Arkansas, go west on Hwy #4 for 5.8 miles. Turn right on dirt road north for 2 miles. Cemetery is on Right side of road. Well marked.

LYLES, Vida, Nov 02,1880 - July 01,1918
PLUNKETT, Mary, July 31,1833 - June 30,1917
STALEY, Mr., (found in well)
STEWART, James Monroe, 1861 - 1917
STEWART, T. J., Son of Sam Stewart 1911 - 1918
STEWART, Alvin, 1917 - 1918 son of Dick & Alice Stewart
THOMAS, Cleo, child of Josie and Jim
THOMAS, Gertrude, Oct. 1916
LANCE, Mertice, Sep 20, 1914
PLUNKETT, Infant of Asbury and Fan Plunkett
LANCE, infant of Jeff and Emma Lance (first family buried at Shiloh)
LANCE, Mary Ann, May 18, 1896
LANCE, Lou Ella, 1910
LANCE, infant 1908
LANCE, Lou Lettie, June 18,1910
PLUNKETT, infant of J. H. "Mack" Plunkett
PLUNKETT, infant of J. H. & Julia Plunkett
PLUNKETT, J. H., Nov 24,1877 - April 18,1917
HAWKINS, infant of Jeff Hawkins
HAWKINS, Pearl, May 27,1912 age 40
ATKINSON, infant son of Ben and Hannah Atkinson
ATKINSON, Gail dau of Ben and Hannah Atkinson
ATKINSON, Mary E., 1840 - 1923, Mother of Ben Atkinson
PLUNKETT, Martille, dau of Tom and Etta Plunkett
ALLEN, infant of Emmitt Allen
DAVIS, infant of Ras Davis
FOLEY, George
JOHNSTON, R. A., Dec. 08, 1847 - May 25, 1914
JONES, Jasper, infant of Mollie and Richard Jones
JONES, Ella Wilcher, 1900 - 1925 Wife of Linzy Jones
CONNER, Claude, 1917 or 1918
ALLEN, Claude N., Nov 11,1910 - Jan 23,1912
HAWKINS, Zora Bell, Jan 13,1897 - May 18,1913
McCAULEY, Margrett, Aug 10,1870 - April 01, 1916
McNUTT, infant of Betty and Ernest McNutt
LONG, infant 1911, dau of W. A. Long
ADVANTS, Fay, Nov 09, 1918 - Oct 08,1924
COUNTS, Jessie James, Oct 03,1890 - Nov 23,1917
COUNTS, Christeema, Apr 09,1911 - May 30, 1913 dau of H. O Counts
MYERS, Lee, May 22,1821 - Oct 03, 1928
MYERS, Alva Rachel, May 25,1918
PARKER, James A., Jan 31,1841 - Sep 13, 1918
MYERS, Ferrie, 1913 - 1938 Wife of John Truly Wilcher
WILCHER,John Truly, Mar 09,1907 - Mar 23, 1986

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