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Directions from DeQueen, Arkansas: Take US70 east toward Dierks. Just before reaching the Saline River, turn left (west) on Green's Chapel Road. Continue west for several miles until the blacktop road ends. Continue on for about 1/4 mile to an intersection and a sign that says Ladd Bridge Road. Turn left on Ladd Bridge Road. Go about 1/2 mile to 1 mile and see the cemetery on the right beside a small church with a sign Old New Hope Church. About half of the graves are marked only with field stones.

BARNES Carrie Rae Sept 2, 1916-Feb 1, 1997 double marker with Ray
BARNES Emma 1876-1952 double marker with Joe
BARNES Jessie Lerlean  July 23, 1806-September 15, 1905
BARNES Joe 1877-1956 double marker with Emma
BARNES Josea 1849-1925 double marker with Lois
BARNES Kenneth Doyle Dec 1, 1932-November 29, 1993 AIC US Air Force Korea
BARNES Lee July 23, 1902-April 18, 1980 double marker with Maggie
BARNES Lois 1856-1926 double marker with Hosea
BARNES Maggie Nov 3, 1902-Sept 10, 1979 double marker with Lee
BARNES Oretha 1883-1885                            
BARNES Othula 1887-1888                            
BARNES Ray Aug 13, 1912-Dec 12, 1985 double marker with Carrie Rae
BARNS Infant son of Joe and Emma Dec 13, 1900-Dec 13, 1900     
BOAZ Evline dates unreadable                                                
BUZBEE Jessie Sept 28, 1907-Sept 29, 1907 daughter of H and J. H.
CHESSHIER Edgar Finis, Jr. Nov 21, 1928-November 22, 1928 Infant son of Lessie and Edgar Chesshier
COLLISON Thomas M. 1858-1927                            
COOPER William W. 1883-1924                            
CRUTCHER Belle E. Oct 25, 1867-Dec 19, 1914     mother
CRUTCHER Chester Lawrence  Feb17, 1914-Mar 13, 1914 Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Crutcher
CRUTCHER Horace L. Mar 9, 1848-May 16, 1916 father
DAVIS Bessie Oct 13, 1898-Sept 29, 1929    
DELL M. C. Mar 17, 1817-Dec 26, 1910     
DUNN Samuel
DUNN Adeline Seamens                                                                               Married 1865 at Ft. Smith, Ark. Liddie's parents. They had 8 children
FISHER Jessie Semon Feb 5, 1916-Jan 12, 1918 son of Mr. and Mrs. Will Fisher
FLORY Lucy Mar 9, 1904-Jan 21, 1919         
FORD Frank 1900-1974                            
FORD Sarah 1870-1952                            
HANEY Arvey 1870-1918 double marker with William H.
HANEY William H. 1870-1949 double marker with Arvey
HARPER Eula Jane Riley Mar 16, 1895-Jan 29, 1934         
HARPER Robert A. April 11, 1896-June 24, 1980              
HARPER Ruby Janes Nov 10, 1908-Aug 31, 1997          
KIRBY H. L. Aug 20, 1901 husband of Emily Kirby, about 75 years old
LASTER Willie Allen Dec 6, 1897-Dec 30, 1917 son of W. A. and Dora
LEWIS Mary B. Oct 25, 1931-no death date double marker with Paul E.
LEWIS Paul E. May 25 1935-Jan 22, 1990 double marker with Mary B.
LITTLEFIELD Emmie  May 1, 1849-July 17, 1917               
LITTLEFIELD Man Sept 18, 1877-Feb 24, 1893 son of P. J. and Emma
LITTLEFIELD R. J. Oct 12, 1833-June 20, 1904 husband of Emma
MARTIN Earl 1892-1975                            
MATTHEWS Isabel O. Apr 18, 1834-Mar 4, 1880(unreadable) of John J. Matthews
MCCARRELL Alice 1876-1916                            
MCCARRELL Nancy 1816-1895                            
MCCARRELL Walter 1905-1906                            
MOORE William M. April 29, 1859-Jan 21, 1900  40 years 8 months 22 days
MORRIS Albert R. (Alb) June 14, 1913-October 17, 1983        
MORRIS Annie L. June 30, 1904-Nov 3, 1990  double marker with Thomas J.
MORRIS John Dec 21, 1937 Ark PVT 139 Field Arty, 38 Div
MORRIS John F. Sept 25, 1892-Dec 21, 1937   double marker with Lula B.
MORRIS Lula B. Oct 19, 1896-Nov 7, 1970  double marker with John F.
MORRIS Olen 1911-1920                            
MORRIS Thomas J. Nov 5, 1903-April 9, 1976 double marker with Annie L.
PARKERSON Frankie 1878 unreadable                   
PARKERSON Laura 1890-1961 double marker with Marshall
PARKERSON Leche V. 1901-1986 double marker with Louis
PARKERSON Louis P. 1901-1971? double marker with Leche
PARKERSON Marshall 1893-1964 double marker with Laura
RABY/RALY   Baby  no other information
RILEY Lonney Green  1871-1901                            
SANDERS Mary May 14, 1881-Oct 13, 1899  daughter of H. N. and M. A.
SEAY Evelyn Morris  Jan 5, 1930           
SNOWDEN  Lola Mar 17, 1874-Oct (unreadable)   
TEMPLE Magie Aug 7, 1917-Jan 2, 1981 double marker with Walter
TEMPLE Walter Janu 15, 1921-June 29, 1983 double marker with Magie
VANCIL Cole Younger July 17, 1901-Apr 11, 1973             
VANCIL Ed. E.  Oct 3, 1869-Jan 2, 1956           
VANCIL  Liddie Margaret December 14, 1871-April 24, 1908 Daughter of Samuel and Nancy Dunn. Wife of Ed. E. Vancil

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