My name is Kathy Stokes Hudson. I was born and raised in OK. I have been married to the same person for over 30 years (most say poor guy). We have 2 sons, a granddaughter and grandson. And my only 2 daughters I have are in the pic. (gr)

I was a hairstylist/nail tech for 20 yrs. I sold my salon and retired from the beauty business in 1998. I was also owner of Genealogy Shoppe at the time. I now run Genealogy Shoppe from my home. In 2000, I purchased Census View (actual census on cd-rom) At Genealogy Shoppe you will find My Roots & Branches mini binder that I have manufactured and design the charts and forms. At Census View, I scan the microfilm of the actual census. I make as much correction without distorting the image before writing it to cd-rom. On weekends I take Genealogy Shoppe/CensusView to genealogical seminars. Some of the states you will find me is: AR, AZ, GA, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MS, MO, OK, TN, TX, UT, & VA I also lecture at genealogy seminars.

I am a strong supporter of USGenWeb Project as long as it maintains free genealogy. I very much appreciate those who have made the websites I maintain a success. It is from THEIR very hard work of submitting their information to me that the sites are a success. It is my gratitude of their work that I will do everything possible to keep their trust and not allowing the chance of their work being distributed on a "pay per view" site. The counties that are close enough for me to travel that I maintain, I try to gather information for free use on the websites. Of course time and expense determines how often I can make a trip to the county. I am a coordinator for AFHA (AR Family History Association) and maintain the mailing list of over 1000 members. The counties I maintain are:
Morgan Co., Al. list)
Howard Co., Ar. list)
Sevier Co., Ar. list)

Other mailing lists I have:
AR Family History Association
Newton Co.,

Other Genealogical websites:
Events: Conferneces*Seminars*Fairs
Genealogical Speaker List
Ok Cowboys & Indians Seminar

My own personal genalogy sites:
Bessinger Genealogy (new url being made)
Hudson Genealogy
Joslin Genealogy
Potter Genealogy
Smith Genealogy
Stokes Genealogy
Whitlow Genealogy (new url being made)

Some of the surnames I am researching:

My family lines:                      Husbands family lines:

Angell(KY)                               Adair (AR) 
Annett(VA)                              Beaston (DE, IW)
Bell(TN, NC)                            Brisco (AR)
Bessinger (MO, Germany)          Buzbee( SC, AL)
Brandon (TN, NC)                     Cates (TN)
Clanton (NC, MO)                     Day( KY, TX)
Corlew (MO, KY, NC)                Eddings (GA, TN, AR)
Dennis (MO, Va)                        Hill (SC, AL, AR)
Duty  (TX, IN, SC, NC)             Hill (TN, AL)
Goetz (WI, Germany)                Hopkins (RI, VA, TX)
Helms (AR, NC)                         Hudson (VA, TN, AR)
Hooper (NC, TN)                       Loyd(GA, AR)
House (VA, AL, SC)                    McMurtry(KY, AL)
Kirkham (MD, VA)                      Rogers(PA, KY, TX)
Laney (NC)                                 Rose(KY)
Lynch (TN, AR)                          Sebring (NJ, NY, PA)
McGuire(NC, TN)                       Smith (PA, TX)
Michaux (VA)                             Waugh (PA, KY)
Morton (VA, KY)                         Wright (MD, IW, AR)
Palmer (VA, KY)
Pearson (VA, TN, AR)
Pinson (VA, SC)
Potter (VA, TN, AL, MO)
Rochet (VA)
Stokes (SC, GA, AL, AR)                      
Thornton (SC, TN)                                        
Tollett (VA, TN, AR)                                 
White (Scotland, DE, NC, TN)                          
Whitlow (AR, TN, SC, VA)                                          
Woodson (VA)                            
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