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My Roots & Branches Mini Binder

(7 " L x 5 " W)
Includes 30 Family Group Sheets, 10 Lineage Charts, 1 set of 6 Divider Tabs
Charts fold out to 6 3/4" H x 13 " W
Dark Blue
Dark Green
Hot Pink

Charts & Forms
Sheets and charts fold out to 6 3/4" H x 13 " W
See shipping rates below.

Lineage Chart
LC/$3.00 pkg of 10
The "generic" 5 generation ancestor chart.
Family Group
FG/$3.00 pkg of 10
Holds information for Husband/Wife/13 Children. On the reverse side you keep record of Census years, State Census, Mortality Schedules, Vital Records, Residences between census years, notes. On the Various Records listings you keep track of: Baptism, Bible, Church, Court, Deed, Divorce, Estate Inventory, Estate Sale, Family Files, Funeral Home, Grave Markers, Histories, Immigration, Land Grant, Lawsuits, Manuscripts, Military, Military Bounty Land Warrants, Military Pensions (incl Widow), Naturalization, Newspaper, Obituary, Occupation, Orphan Records, Passenger Lists, Photograph, Published books, School, Tax list, Voter, Will, Will Lawsuits, Will Probate.
Children Continued
CC/$3.00 pkg of 10
Allows you to continue children of a family with more than 13 children (space for notes on the reverse side.)
Family Forward
FF/$3.00 pkg of 10
No more extra family group sheets for siblings of an ancestor. Holds information for mother, father, their children and grandchildren. So you can view 3 generations on one form. (same on both sides)
All Census
AC/$4.00 pkg of 10
Includes census on one sheet from 1790-1920 (1790-1850 on one side; 1860-1920 on the reverse side)
Land Deed
LD/$3.00 pkg of 10
Record keeping of individual or multiple people with section map for each listing.
CMD/$3.00 pkg of 10
Record keeping of cemeteries: Cemetery driving directions, for each individual buried in the cemetery know if you have a photo of the stone; row #; Stone #; type of stone; the color, material & shape; condition; placement; symbols; and the inscription.
Index Tabs
tab/$3.00 pkg of 6
Protected index tabs. (use a ball point pen or permenant marker when placing your family surname as gel ink will glide off)
Zip Pouch
Holds pencils, money etc.
Sheet Protector
4 1/4" x 6 3/4"
Vinyl Tote
Archives and libraries don't have to check what you have in your's clear and everything can be seen. Easily carries 6 mini binders (13"x13"); 1" wide polypropelene handles.
(Reg. $52.50 over 15% savings) $44.00
Mini binder (your choice of color); clear vinyl tote bag; Pkg of forms: Children Continued, Family Forward, All Census, Land Deed, Cemetery; Zip Pouch; 1 Protective Sheets.
(Reg $3.00) $1.50 per 10 Due to an error from my printer, the drillers did not get 2 holes in charts: (ErrFG) family group, (ErrCM) cemetery, & (ErrLC) lineage exact center. Compare the holes They do fit the ring on the binder but are a little tight but you can correct it by repunching the 2 holes.

A few comments from others on the mini binder:

Thanks for sending the group sheets. I just cannot tell you how much I LOVE my genealogy binder my friend bought me. I am not too well organized, but this is helping on my lines. L. in MO

I can't believe I can view what documents I have and what I need or where to look in such a small binder! I love it! C. in NC

While doing research in TN, I had researchers gather around while I gave a demonstration of my mini binder. They were all so impressed that I could give them so much detail on my research and not be lugging around several big binders! Thank you for making such a valuable tool available! B. in OK

My Roots and Branches spells ORGANIZATION. Thank you very very much! C in SC

When my sister and I took a genealogical trip back east, it was so much easier taking our binders. Before our whole back seat was loaded down with heavy binders and not have as much information as we do in the binders. D in TX

I don't know how I got along without the binder before...M in NY

No more back breaking large notebooks to carry around...I can save the back breaking for endless hours at the microfilm readers! Thanks so much! T in IN

A big THANK YOU for making a genealogists job much easier! G in AL

I have saved so much time and money with My Roots & Branches. I now don't come home with another document that I already had 20 copies. And when I get to my research destination I save time by knowing what I need to look for rather than going thru the same thing over and over. A in AZ

First thing I bought my little granddaughter when she took an interest in helping with my research was My Roots & Branches....M in GA

I love the fact I can put my money, driver license and pencils in my zip pouch so all I have to take with me to my library or archive now is my mini binder and my car keys. B in MS

I have been working on my research for over 20 years, so you can imagine how much information I have gathered. So it took me a little time putting it in my mini binder but now I save time by not having to print out computer sheets to take with me on my research trips. Plus I have more documentation with me when I get there than any print out would tell me! Thank you! C in AR

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